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Welcome to the new FullCity Website and Blog

So, with the first few months of transition and initial shop re-fit behind us, the FullCity Collective is 'fully' established and continuing the journey that the wonderfully charismtic Lawrence Lumley began some 4 or more years ago, in a tiny space in what was a very quiet market street, tucked off of the Clerkenwell Road.

A hive of activity, FullCity is a wonderful place to work, hang-out, change a tyre or simply pick up some spares. We are justifiably getting quite a reputation for great servicing, great customer service and for just having an uber cool atmosphere.

People are drawn to the shop, they pop in for an inner tube, and end up staying....for hours. Anyone that has met George Ramelkamp, one of the 4 FullCity directors, will know just how hard it is to leave the shop!

And if the shop is busy with commuters and customers during the day, at night, it takes on an altogether different character, as the many couriers that call FullCity their basecamp, start to roll in after a long and often cold day of riding London's busy streets. Friday night at FullCity has become a regular event, but you could turn up on any given weeknight, to find a bunch of slightly grimy couriers, both guys and girls, just hanging out, eating sushi, and winding down.

We are the FullCity Collective, we love bikes, we love riding and we live life on 2-wheels. Come and see us on Leather Lane, and we will be thrilled to meet you!


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