FullCity Cycles, a place where people and bikes come together...


                                                                                     ...and something wonderful happens, pretty much on a daily basis.


We are a group of unique individuals brought together by a love of bikes, riding, movement and mending things. We work together as a team, each of us bringing something different, something special something unique to the environment. 


'A most unusual and addictive bike shop'..

American George - 'The Oracle' - Master Mechanic, Shop Owner

A unique maverick, with roots and history in Belgium, Vietnam and Santa Barbara, George is a FC Director, mechanic and bespoke wheel builder at FullCity, and is to be found there tinkering, truing wheels and telling tales, late, late into the night. With a background in road racing & cycle journalism, George is an authority on just about anything cycle related, and has a zillion fascinating stories to tell...There's no getting away from this guy in a hurry, and we mean that in a good way. 

And another thing, we reckon he is the the best mechanic in the country. 


Contact George: info@fullcitycycles.co.uk

Janine - Organisation of people, parts and paperwork!

Outdoor cyclist, Indoor Cycling Instructor, Stages Cycling Master Educator; Janine is as much at home on an indoor bike as she is on the road. One of the original members of FC, Janine brings her innate sense of purpose and drive to the team; and whilst not a mechanic..she's an integral part of the Fullcity Drive Train, looking after the website, customers and the mechanics.

Contact Janine: info@fullcitycycles.co.uk / 07886496515

Mariannna - Brings Calm, builds beautiful bikes and wheels!

Marianna is the newest addition to the Fullcity Cycles team; bringing with her a range of practical skills from Chef, to Barista to her more recently acquired skill for wheel building, to add to her lifelong passion for working on bikes. Marianna's love of cycling started with riding Mountain Bikes, and she's even managed to get the Fullcity new ff the road and into the forest! A music lover, Led Zeppelin fan and supporter of live music, Marianna fits right in with the diversity of the Fullcity team. We are very excited to welcome her to our family.

Terrance - Our very own (fully grown) Saturday Boy!

For Terrance, Fullcity is a passion, a project and a place to hang-out. Often to be found tinkering with his bike in the shop on a Saturday, Terrance is a friend of Fullcity turned unofficial team-member. We enjoy his company, his advise and his infectious laughter.

47 Martello Street
London, E8  3PE
tel: 0203 441 1831