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FullCity Cycles
New Bikes Restorations & Bespoke Builds
Vintage steel bikes, new carbon road bikes, pre-owned bikes, electric bikes.... whether its a modern gravel bike, a hand-me-down hybrid, a mountain pre-owned road bike, we will take care and where necessary, repair it for you.
And if you haven't got a bike, but are thinking now would be a good time to get fitter, save money and see the world through fresh eyes, then come in and see us, and we will get you a new bike or find you a pre-owned frame and build you the perfect bike.
At FullCity Cycles, not only do we repair and service bikes, we offer for sale both new and old/re-built bikes. The range changes, as builds come and go, but there's always something in the pipeline here.


Based on your budget, and your riding requirements  we can offer a variety of options, from Steel Road bike, to commuter workhorse, urban single speed and fixies, retro commuters, comfy shoppers or vintage show stoppers...we do them all.

We stock a constantly growing and changing range of bike accessories, and if there is something specific that you want, we can order it in for you within a day or so.

A FullCity Re-build is a new bike made from a combination of an pre-owned frame and new components.


It's a project we undertake in conjunction with you, creating something unique, personal and individual. Its a bike that suits your style and your budget.


FullCity Re-builds, are all about breathing new life into used frames.

FullCity offer a full re-conditiong service, which takes your beloved bike from tired to 'fired'!! 


We take a bike that need some TLC, strip it right down to the frame and forks, and send it off to either London based Armourtex, or ARGOS CYCLES in Bristol to be re-sprayed and brought back to life.


Argos Racing Cycles are the best in the business when it comes to re-spraying. They offer traditional stove enamelling, and they can even re-create your decals, so your vintage bike will be brought back to its original glory.


They offer an wide range of colours and finishes, and their frames are sprayed with exceptional workmanship.


Armourtex, offer a high quality, single colour powder coat, available in either a satin finish or high gloss finish.


Follow the link to pick a colour from their extensive range:


We then re-build the bike with new cabling, brake pads etc and your old frame, is essentially, a new bike. The overall cost is dependant on the labour and parts required in the re-build, but if you have a beautiful frame that simply needs bringing back to life...a re-spray and build service may be just what you need.


'It's a London Thing'..Single Speed or Fixed


London is the perfect city to run single speed and fixed wheel bikes; they are both low maintenance and great fun to ride.


We run 2 models to suit every type of rider -

A modern/urban fixie - The Python 'Duke' which at £295.00, is incredible value and a stylish ride. The Duke is available in Gloss Black and Silver or Deep Red and Gold.


If you prefer a something a bit more 'retro', Heritage is a vintage style single speed by British bike design company Pro-Bike, offered at  at the amazing price of £225.00.

We hold an ecclectic range of new and used components to suit individual cycling requirements, stylistic preferences and budget.


We keep a range of used and recomditioned parts such as handlebars, headsets, derailleurs, wheels and gearing components that are in good condition, for customers to either buy and fit themselves, or where required (as in a vintage bike), we use them in a FullCity Re-build.


So if its a fabulous new wheel you require with shiny red rims, or a Campagnolo derailleur for a vintage Colnago racing bike...let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to come up with the goods.


And if you have just lost a screw, a cap, a handlbar end and you need a tiny little part to make your bike feel better...drop by, we are generally able to help!





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