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Winter Bicycles


'Tenga' 典雅 Track Bike: Winner of 'Best Track Bike' at Bespoked Bike Show Bristol, 2013, is available to purchase now from FullCity Cycles

Winter Bicycles
Based in Oregan, USA, Winter Bicycles manufactures custom bicycles and luxurious necessities including forks, racks and other fittings. At Winter, the focus is on fresh, clean, year round bicycles. The bicycles are made from a custom blend of steel tubing to be purpose built and rider-centric. That means each frame, each detail, is designed to fit the individual needs of the rider. Truly bespoke, in every sense of the word.
The Builder at Winter Bicycles is Eric Estlund. Eric is 'Winter Bicycles'; as the designer, builder, email guy and official floor sweeper he has both worked and played in many areas of the cycling world. Eric recognized early on the freedom and excitement of riding, not just competitively but also recreationally and bike design became part of how he chose to explore and represent his world. 

典雅- “Tenga”, meaning “classic” or “elegant” and often used to describe traditional Japanese dance.The Tenga track bike was built as Eric's interpretation of traditional lugged Japanese track frames. With nods to Italian influences, the lugs are clean with very specific gestural sweeps. The over all look of the bike is tight and refined, with just the right amount of detail. The classic pipes are arranged in a modern sprint pattern ready to real world competitive use. This bike is built with a True Temper tube mix, modern cast lugs and drop outs, and a traditional Italian internally lugged fork crown.


The Evening Orchid paint by Keith Anderson was inspired by mid 60′s muscle cars and features a layered drop shadow logo. The parts are a mix of 70′s Campagnolo with a custom Winter stem, Curtis Odom hubs laced to Velocity rims made for this project and a vintage Fujita saddle recovered by Recovered Saddles.


Awarded “Best Track Bike” at the 2013 Bespoked: Bristol.


The Fullcity Vision


So how did a bike built in Oregon end up in Leather Lane, EC1? George, one of Fullcity's Directors, met Eric at the 1st Bespoked show in Bristol, back in 2012 and just over a year later was at the same show when Winter Bicycles won 'Best Track Bike' with the Tenga. George, a man who is both forward thinking and creative, saw the Tenga as a representation of his personal vision for the shop. So, the Tenga, in all its beauty is now the pride of Fullcity and along with George's own self designed track bike made at Argos Cycles in Bristol, stops people in their tracks with its simplicity and pure Japanese inspired beauty.



Photos by Anthony Bareno.

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