FullCity Re-Builds, breathing new life into used frames

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A Re-build is a new bike made from a combination of an old or new-used frame and new components. It's a project we undertake in conjunction with you, creating something unique, personal and individual. Its a bike that suits your style and your budget.


Building a Bike and a Relationship


We take the time to find out what you want, and what you need...then, we build you the best bike we can, knowing that you will bring your beloved bicycle back to us again and again, first for a service, then maybe an inner tube..until one day, you decide you want to upgrade the drive train or maybe get a pair of wheels hand built...and thats when you know, we've got you hooked!


So, whether you are looking for a comfy commuter, an urban fixie, a vintage steel road bike or a carbon fibre speed machine, bring us your inside leg, and you will leave with a bespoke re-built, made especially for you. 




Bikes that available for sale can be found on this page, which is updated as soon as new models become available. Prices vary, according to the frame value, the wheels and the componenets. 






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